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The Business Catalyst Providing Project Lobbying & Consulting

Brief History

Mr. Adrian Kaufmann started his activity in the Lobbying & Consulting Business in the early 1970's having the chance to get also experience in the Countertrade & Barter Business with the Comecon Countries.
At that time the leading adviser was Mrs. Rasela Kaufmann. The main activity was in some Eastern European Countries (Romania, East Germany, Yugoslavia) and later also in Asean Countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore).

Lobbying & Consulting Services were rendered to several major companies like Thyssen Plastic, Krupp, Kraus Maffei, Kloeckner Group Mining and Construction Machinery Division just to name a few.

Mr. Adrian Kaufmann took the lead in the Lobbying & Consulting Business in the 1980's having the main activities in Far East, joined 1990 by Mrs. Christiane Kaufmann, who had helped to develop the US-Business as well as the Business in Italy.

brief history Together with Prof. Andrei Novac, University of California Irvine, Mrs. Christiane Kaufmann developed in the 1990's, the Entrepreneurial Skills Screening Test (ESST) for Venture Capital Risk Limitations (Library of Congress, 1999).

Since 2005 / 2006, the activities shifted mainly to Romania, helping actively different major corporations, to succeed. Amongst which Bilfinger Power Division from Bilfinger SE, mainly in the field of energy and environmental improvements for power plants.
With lobbying & consulting support, Bilfinger won all major tenders where it took part, just to name the tender procedures at Complex Energetic Oltenia and Govora Power Plant.

In 2013, Mr. Adrian Kaufmann and Mrs. Christiane Kaufmann decided to establish their company Kaufmann Group Ltd. in Malta for further developing the business by also helping companies from Romania, to succeed in other countries, like in BENELUX and in Germany.

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